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Media interviews

I’m an expert source for all questions and discussions related to dream interpretation.

Quoted in The Boston Globe, The Guardian, NY Magazine’s The Cut, Women’s World Magazine, and Inner Self.

J.M. DeBord quoted in the Guardian.

More than 150 media appearances, including on Coast to Coast AM, Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast, The Moore Show, and Share Wisdom TV.

Author of four books about dreams.

Dream interpretation help

My goal is to lead you to your own answers, because you are the final authority on the meaning of your dreams. The work can be intense and require time to really dig in. A consultation takes 30 minutes. A 90-minute session is the average amount of time to thoroughly work one dream.

  • $65 per 30 minutes
  • $145 per 90 minutes

Email me to set up an appointment. Payment sent to

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I'm J.M. DeBord, aka "RadOwl"