DREAMS 1-2-3 (D3) is a comprehensive process for decoding and interpreting the meaning of dreams, created by author and dream interpreter J.M. DeBord, aka “RadOwl” at Reddit.com. It gives you three steps to follow.

The three steps:

  1. Identify the dream’s story elements and narrative components
  2. Interpret the symbolism and analyze the story
  3. Connect the details in context and reflect on your life

In Step 1 you gather data and manage it.

In Step 2 you test the data and generate ideas.

In Step 3 you bring everything together.

It’s simple and effective.

Introduction to D3

Newcomers to dream interpretation often don’t know where to begin. Or they encounter different approaches and theories and are not sure what to believe. I created D3 to give you a step by step process built atop dream science and traditions from psychology and storytelling.

The teachings are solid and grounded, but I’m first to admit they are a starting point and there’s no formula for dream interpretation. It’s a very personal process of exploring your inner world. D3 gives you the tools to figure out your dreams for yourself.

YOU are the best interpreter of your dreams. YOU are the only one who truly knows what they mean.

But even famous dream interpreters such as Dr. Carl Jung seek out close friends and colleagues to help interpret their dreams because, as Jung says, dreams show the ego what it does not know or understand. The outsider’s perspective of your dreams can help you see what eludes you.

Dreams are stories. It’s a key insight for explaining them and interpreting them. Dreams are like parables, little stories that teach and illuminate. I call it simple fact #2 about dreams.

Dreams use symbolism, simple fact #3. Symbolism is the language of your unconscious mind, where dreams are created.

Simple fact #1: Subconsciously you know what your dreams mean. You create your dreams; you must know somewhere inside yourself what they mean. When you interpret your dream, you remind yourself what you already know.

Dreams are magical and mysterious and knowable in very personal ways, and a systematic way of interpreting them fills a massive need for people interested in knowing more about their dreams but don’t know where to start.

Start here!

Top 10 Things to Know about Dreams

D3 Cliff’s Notes

Below is a link to one page that sums up everything about the D3 dream interpretation process. The lessons are quick.

Next, my “Crash Course,” which offers these lessons with many demonstrations of the dream interpretation process.

Below that, a YouTube playlist that offers an overview of each D3 step.

D3 Cliff’s Notes: http://dreams123.com/start-here-dreams-1-2-3-system-of-dream-interpretation/cliffs-notes-dreams-1-2-3-dream-interpretation-system/

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D3 core lessons

Translate dream symbolism

Carl Jung says if you want to be a dream interpreter, learn everything you can about symbolism. Below is my lesson on decoding the meaning of dream symbolism.


Understand why you dream to help understand what you dream



D3 – Three steps to interpret dreams

Step 1 – Story Elements and Narrative Components

Story Elements:

  1. Settings
  2. Characters
  3. Symbols

Narrative Components

  1. Action
  2. Reaction
  3. Resolution

Step 2 – Interpret Symbolism and Analyze the Story

Interpret Symbolism

  1. Associate
  2. Simplify
  3. Amplify

Story Analysis

  1. Metaphor
  2. Exaggeration
  3. Comparison-Contrast

Step 3 – Connect the dream’s details in context and reflect on your life

  1. Context
  2. Connect the details
  3. Reflect on your life

I don’t think there’s a way of understanding every dream, even with a lifetime to search for the answer. And you might find more than one meaning for the same dream. In fact, a famous teacher of dream interpretation, Jeremy Taylor, says there’s no such thing as a dream with only one meaning. The point is to try, to give the attention and effort, to engage with the dream and the story. It’s a building process, cultivating a relationship with the part of the mind that creates dreams and the intelligent source behind the scenes.

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